Korean Virtual Child

Interesting piece on the Today programme this morning about a South Korean woman who has created a virtual copy of her dead child. Shades of Be Right Back, later episodes of Channel 4's Humans and of course presaged in our chapter on Digital Immortality in the book. Dr Elaine Kasket contributed to the BBC discussion and was also one of the speakers at our book launch. You can find several media reports on-line about the story including from the Times and Telegraph.

"The documentary Meeting You has been watched by millions in South Korea. It features Jang Ji-sung putting on a headset and “meeting” her daughter, Na-yeon, who died four years ago at the age of seven. Ms Jang also wore gloves that gave her some sensation of touching her child in a computer-generated park." - The Times

"The digital avatar was created using images collected from a child model and from pictures of Nayeon. The show is designed to give relatives who are grieving the loss of a loved one the chance to say goodbye to a virtual version of their lost family member."

The screengrab video (see Times article) is also very reminiscent of the old Milo demo from Lionhead Studios.