The Authors

Eur. Ing. David Burden

I am an engineer by training and have worked with virtual worlds, chatbots and artificial characters for nearly two decades. I have also written science fiction stories, adventures and source-books for GDW's Traveller science-fiction RPG. In 2004 I founded Daden Limited, and have been delivering 3D immersive environment and chatbot solutions for clients ever since. I have raised nearly £2m in research funding for Daden within the conversational agent, virtual human and immersive environments fields.

Research Gate (best place for my papers):
Second Life: Corro Moseley

Prof. Maggi Savin-Baden

I am Professor of Education at University of Worcester and I have researched and evaluated staff and student experience of learning for over 20 years and gained funding in this area (Leverhulme Trust, JISC, Higher Education Academy, MoD).

Relevant Papers: