AlgorithmWatch take on AccessNow map of regulatory proposals for Artificial Intelligence in Europe

Makes the incredible valid point, which is still missed by many, that:

"the term [Artificial Intelligence] is ill-suited to circumscribe the challenges we face as societies. AI is too broad and fuzzy a concept to form the basis for discussions on regulatory approaches. It combines aspects that should be kept apart – automated cars, high frequency trading, medical diagnosis, search engines and citizen scoring all include “AI” but it makes little sense to treat them all alike because of this."

Latest Update on Eternime

Latest update on Eternime

"The beta test has more than 40,000 signups, according to Eternime's website, but is so far only in the hands of around 40 people."

CIMON - Virtual Humans in Space!

"CIMON, the world’s first artificial intelligence-enabled astronaut assistant, has made its debut aboard the International Space Station."

(mind you the astronaut looks more like a plastic Action Man than the bot!)

Tendar AR Virtual Character

Arckon Chatbot

Interesting looking chatbot called Arckon from Don Patrick which seems to take a development line far closer to what I'm after than most I've seen. He reports using a grammatical parser to understand the input, then rather than focus on Parts of Speech he extracts the implied triples in the sentence, and then uses a triples base and inferencing to derive the response, apparently he "formulates his own sentences dynamically by feeding the relevant facts through a complex grammatical template. The only pre-programmed answers are a few dozen standard manners, like "Thank you" and "You're welcome"."

The following diagram shows how the triples extraction works:

And an example exchange:

Lots more on his website and blog at:

Virtual News Readers

Interesting article in the Guardian yesterday about the Chinese state news agency Xinhua creating a virtual doppelgänger of one of their news readers so he can read and front a highly personalised news service.

A far cry from when I was on Op Raleigh and using the Xinhua HF radio teletype feed to create a daily newspaper!

Production Update

The PDF proofs arrived last week and Maggi and I have until 22 Nov to spot as many typos (few), poor grammar (lots) and poor references (ditto) as we can. Overall layout looking very nice.

Robot reading partners

"Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have built a robot, named Minnie, to serve as a reading buddy to middle school kids, and Minnie’s new friends grew more excited about books and more attached to the robot over two weeks of reading together."