Virtual Humans - now out in Paperback!


Our Virtual Humans book is now out in paperback! Get it from Amazon and all good bookshops - COVID willing!


 Looks like Hanson Robotics are releasing a new version of Sophia for "for research, academic and B2B applications".

Teaser video here

Frightening on so many levels :-)

AI Tech North Presentation

David's talk at AI Tech North on "Enriching Virtual Humans through the Semantic Web and Knowledge Graphs" is now available on video:

It's a 20min watch, and followed by another interesting session on analysis of language in social media use.

Virtual Humans - Thinkpiece Video

Earlier during lockdown I recorded a short talk on virtual humans inspired by the Virtual Humans book for our publishers.

Taylor and Francis have now posted the talk on their web site in their AI Knowledge Hub strand. You can view it at or below:

My co-author, Prof Maggi Savin-Baden has a similar piece on Digital Afterlife at

Enjoy, and be interested to hear your thoughts.